Who we are

Smahat Awais the brain behind Dermasation Pakistan, was herself a skincare junkie, back in 2017, with her research and development under this project, she along with her husband launched a skincare brand Dermasation Pakistan. She wanted to create a new Skincare standard in Pakistan, thus she introduced skincare products that are made without using any sort of toxic or harmful chemicals. And she was the one who introduced our tagline “HELLO BEAUTIFUL”, because she always believed every woman is beautiful inside out.

Dermasation was found in the year 2017, and since then we have been known for our quality products by our customers. Our aim is to provide high quality skincare product to our customers and make sure they have a wonderful experience with it.

Our Quality Products

Dermasation is an organization that pride itself in providing high quality skincare products to its customers. Since our launch Dermasation has intended to revolutionize the skincare industry by providing the in depth information about each and every product available at our online store, so that our customers can easily categorize the products according to their need and have no problem regarding the usage of the product.


Dermasation is a high quality skincare brand; our purpose is to create a welcoming skincare shopping experience. We operate as an online store, but our customers can also find our products on stores like Al-Fatah, Madina Cash & Carry, D.Watson and Shaheen Cosmetics.


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Our team

A dynamic and dedicated young team

Smahat Awais

Managing Director / Founder

Awais Taimoor Khan


Ali Hassan

Executive Director

Yisal Khan

IT Director

Rameesha Mirza

Digital Marketing Head