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Hand & Foot Care kit

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Hand and Foot Care Kit

    • Hand & feet care are also essentials for self-care.
    • Best Hand and Foot Facial kit
    • Best manicure pedicure facial kit
Hand & Feet scrub:

The ultimate way to keep hands & feet clean removes dead skin & the surface of the dirt using the Hand and Foot Care Kit. Leaves a fresh, vibrant layer of healthy skin. Your hand & feet are the foremost exposed part of your body that needs to be taken care of. That’s why you'd like hand & foot scrubs and here is Dermasation which is able to assist you to exfoliate your hand and feet. Hand & foot scrubs usually contain natural exfoliating ingredients, like sugar, honey crystals, or sea salt, combined with great-smelling essential oils like lavender, mint, and peppermint.

Hand & Feet Soak:
Soak your hand & feet in warm water for 10 minutes. This may help to soften the skin, making it easier to get rid of. Gently apply pumice or large nail file to the world. During a sideways motion, and then work your high to small circles.

Hand & Feet Cream:
Dermasation Hand & Foot cream restore dry cracked hands & feet. Dry skin can cause or worsen cracking, it’s important to remain your skin well hydrated and moisturized. Dermasation hand & feet cream is created with heavier, richer textures than face creams or body lotions.
Moisturizing is that the key to tender & smooth hands & feet. Thoroughly moisturizes and soothes dry, damaged, and cracked feet. Effective soothing action, which helps restore the skin's natural moisture. Intensely moisturizes to immediately soothe and relieve even the driest feet.

Hand & Feet Mask:
Hand & foot mask coats the skin with a thicker layer of product for an extended period of some time (usually three to five minutes). This allows the product’s key ingredients to truly penetrate the skin and absorb into its top layers. Masks are occlusive, and sometimes water-resistant, formulas that employ hydrating the skin, allowing it to feel smooth and soft.

Hand & foot masks are loaded with anti-oxidants and skin restoration ingredients, this hand & feet mask softens, rejuvenates, and brightens skin to a youthful appearance. Hand & feet masks are excellent at delivering much-needed moisture to your hands.

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